best books for alcohol recovery

Offering an easy-to-grasp explanation of the brain and addiction, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts promotes compassionate self-understanding as a pillar of health and healing. Self-love can be one of the most beautiful things to come from a recovery journey. This book provides an amazing framework for embracing our true selves in a society that tries to tell us we’re not already whole as we are. If you struggle with anything related to body image, you won’t regret this read.

#6 – Addicts in the Family: Stories of Loss, Hope and Recovery by Beverly Conyers

best books for alcohol recovery

Written by a cognitive neuroscientist with former substance use struggles, Marc Lewis emphasizes the habitual reward loop in the brain that can cause a substance use disorder to develop. This book also examines the brain’s ability to create new neural pathways and lose the desire to use substances. Lewis provides a description of life in recovery that I relate to best alcoholic memoirs myself; that sober life is not a life of deprivation, but one of fulfillment, continued growth, and personal development. A 1996 bestseller, Caroline Knapp paints a vivid picture of substance use and recovery that every reader can appreciate, whether you struggle with substance use or not. Knapp writes elegantly about her 20+ years of ‘high-functioning drinking’.

best books for alcohol recovery

Incredible Recovery and Sobriety Memoirs I Want Everyone to Read

  • The journey through addiction to recovery is a deeply personal experience, with no two people going though the same process to reach sobriety.
  • “Recover to Live” is a self-treatment guide aimed at those who are looking for help with alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, gambling, hoarding, smoking, sex and porn addiction.
  • Wurtzel’s book clearly illustrates the link between mental health issues and addiction.
  • A life of recovery is an awakened life of purpose, service, and meaning.
  • Pairing insights on treatment options and how to navigate the rehab system, content is designed to not only help someone change but also prompt them to want to change.
  • Self-love can be one of the most beautiful things to come from a recovery journey.
  • This is more than a cookbook – it’s a captivating read and a gorgeous coffee table book to peruse over and over again.

The first 100 pages blew my mind and I found myself getting excited to read another chapter of this book every night before going to sleep. At best, going to bed with a bottle of wine will make you wake up feeling dry-mouthed and stupid. Going to bed with a book will tire your eyes naturally, ease your subconscious tension, and fill your mind with endless possibilities. American Addiction Centers (AAC) is committed to delivering original, truthful, accurate, unbiased, and medically current information. We strive to create content that is clear, concise, and easy to understand.

Alcohol And The Addictive Brain

These pages are filled with the teachings of ancient Stoics such as Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, and Epictetus. Stoicism is an ancient philosophy that believes self-control, courage, justice, and wisdom are the keys to happiness. This book functions as daily devotional with reflective meditations and modern day translations on how to improve your mental health. This book is for everyone, but learning to ‘tame the inner dragon’ is especially helpful to people in recovery. This book serves as a guide for anyone starting their journey with a 30 day sobriety challenge. The Dry Challenge can be especially helpful for people who drink socially, and are looking to take a structured step back to re-evaluate their habits.

best books for alcohol recovery

Stash: My Life in Hiding

We Are the Luckiest is a life-changing memoir about recovery—without any sugarcoating. However, beyond the book that focuses on some key ideas, including changing our beliefs and practicing abstinence, among others, Whitaker aims to change the narrative surrounding alcohol consumption. Authored by addiction professionals, Beyond Addiction illustrates how people can use positive reinforcement, behavior strategies, and kindness to help their loved ones achieve sobriety. Pairing insights on treatment options and how to navigate the rehab system, content is designed to not only help someone change but also prompt them to want to change. So here are 10 best-selling and/or award-winning books on addiction and recovery. Along with educational insights on substance use disorders, the books provide multiple perspectives from those who have successfully traversed the road to recovery.

Reframe Your Shame: Experience Freedom from What Holds You Back

  • If you struggle with anything related to body image, you won’t regret this read.
  • We recommend it to parents who are raising children in a family that deals with alcoholism, as well as to counselors, therapists, and healthcare professionals that are working with families struck by this issue.
  • For example, he explains why stating alcohol is poison and repeating the tagline “Never Question the Decision” can help you change your unconscious thoughts about alcohol, and shift your mindset.

While this book is not explicitly about recovering from drinking, the information is very relevant for people who want to repair their brains and bodies after conquering acute withdrawal. For some time, I’ve wanted to make a list of the best books for alcoholism. Here I’m going to share with you the books that helped me remold my mind after nearly a decade of severe addiction.

Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America’s Greatest Tragedy

The co-founder and CEO of Whole 30 and bestselling author, Melissa Urban, helped millions of people transform their relationship with food. Now, in The Book of Boundaries, out November 2023, Urban, who has been in recovery for more than 20 years, shows how setting clear limits can help protect your time, energy, health, security, confidence, and freedom. Self-help books are yet another device that can support your efforts.

  • This powerful memoir follows Cain’s life as she navigates a substance use disorder, incarceration, and sex work over the course of 19 years.
  • Weller has a relatable story for any high-achiever who finds themselves with boozy, foggy evenings that turn into hangovers the next morning.
  • Through reading this book I came to better understand myself, my body’s physical reactions, and my mental health.
  • Coulter shares her struggles with alcohol use and also the challenges of getting sober.
  • But in my case, these texts helped me to transcend addiction once and for all.

The Biology Of Desire: Why Addiction Is Not A Disease

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